The Two Sides of the Hiring Coin

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There are essentially two sides to the hiring coin.

Side One is the applicant who wants to impress the employer and land that job.

Side Two is the employer who wants to impress the applicant and gain his agreement to come on board.

Now these two sides may not both be operating at full steam at all times.

For example, in times of high unemployment, a ton of folks may be very eager to get hired for that opening you have. And they all may show up!

In this scenario, you may not be eager to impress each and every applicant. You’re more likely to interview as many as you can and then simply offering the job to the best candidate may be all that’s needed.

Then we have the situation where the employer thinks the person in front of him is the ideal applicant for the position, but the applicant is the one sitting back and quietly evaluating their options.

So, each side of this coin has a certain flow at work. In an ideal world, the two flows blend together perfectly. The Acme Insurance Company really wants Susan Smith and Susan Smith really wants to work for Acme Insurance Company.

In the real world, these flows don’t always mesh.

So where’s the Hiring Tip, you ask?

Well, I could say I’m trying to make a philosophical point here. And to a certain degree I am.

But when you understand these two flows really well, you’re able to understand how these can affect the outcome of your hiring effort.

You can see when you’re coming on too strong and realize you may need to ease up a bit. And you’ll be more attuned when it’s time to step up your intensity.

Either way, the more you’re aware of these two sides of the coin, the more causative you’ll be in the outcome you want.

As the law varies in each area, please check with an attorney to ensure you are applying these tips within the law.

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