A Lesson From the World of Sports

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When I first started the Hiring Tips, I mentioned I would give you a tip from time to time to help you improve staff performance. This is such a tip.

When it comes to sports, I enjoy many of the things most spectators enjoy: the competition, the intensity, the passion to win, and of course watching extremely talented people do incredibly talented things.

But I also enjoy the fine points of winning, the small details.

What is very intriguing is watching two or more players work together to make something happen (score a basket, a goal, etc.).

For example, in hockey, basketball and soccer, a great deal of importance is placed on the ability to PASS the ball (or puck).

There are players who derive greater satisfaction from a precisely-delivered pass than from actually scoring. Seasoned basketball fans are awed by the combination of a fantastic pass culminating in a score. I certainly am.

A game is played to win. In order to win, individual players blend their skills and their actions with other players. Teams made up of JUST individuals, even those highly talented, often fail against teams composed of people who work hard on working together.

I must say that is a very interesting concept:

People who work hard on working together.

The next time you watch a well-played game, observe the degree of teamwork on both teams. Look for the subtle details and you’ll see some really exciting give-and-take that you might not ordinarily see.

The more a group of people works together as a team, the more that group gets done and the easier it is to get things done.

This is true in sports and of course is true in the business world.

As the law varies in each area, please check with an attorney to ensure you are applying these tips within the law.

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