Client Feedback

"Using your employee tests has greatly increased the quality of who we are now hiring. The biggest difference I noticed is that when applicants made it through the entire application process, the test results brought us the most trained and qualified people of the ones who initially applied. I would say the tests are quite valuable for us.”

— C.V.  / Tampa, FL

"Prior to using your test, we just had too much of a revolving door. Now, a much greater percentage of our new hires stay with us and become the kind of employee we set out in the beginning to find.”

— P.M.  / Clearwater, FL

“The test is an informative, amazing tool that helped me with the hiring process. After experiencing the relationship with my staff, I’ve learned to trust the validity of the test.”

— K.A. / Bothell, WA

“The hiring process went well. Out of 32 applicants, we tested and interviewed 5 finalists. The test scores coincided pretty well with ‘first choice’ to ‘last choice.’ All-in-all, I found the employee testing a valuable tool in the decision making process and will recommend it to my colleagues.”

— A.T / Vandalia, IL

“I can give some feedback on the testing service that has been provided to us. I have found that the tests are helpful in making a final decision on potential hiring candidates. The turn around time is also really helpful, as candidates usually want to hear back from me (the employer) rather quickly.”

— E.C. / Los Gatos, CA

“Hiring is just easier now. We didn’t test prospective employees before. Now we always do.”

— J.O. / Philadelphia, PA

“The Employee Testing Center helped me make the right hiring decision for my business. Before having our candidates take the tests, we had them ranked in order from best to worst.

“One candidate that we had ranked second scored much higher than the others in the top 5 so we decided to hire him. It was a great decision and we will be using The Employee Testing Center for future hires as well.”

— R.B. / Nashville, TN

“It’s too costly to hire people who only hang around a few months or so. Using these tests saves considerable time and money. And headaches.”

— B.W. / Toluca Lake, CA

“I am particularly happy with the hiring/testing tools to help with soliciting good employees in the future.”

— A.S. / Powell, TN

“Before finding this service we had hired a lot of bad apples. We even had to file a restraining order on one guy we fired! It was like being lost in the woods with no map, trying to find a way out. We couldn’t get out of it and sales were dropping dangerously low.

“As a result of using your testing services rather than a “gut feeling” we managed to get a new sales person who not only DID the job, but who made sales go up just by his presence! We had him come in for a working interview so we could see how he performed, and the phone just started ringing off the hook!

“We aren’t left in the dark about prospects anymore. It’s always a relief to see your graphs after interviewing someone we thought would be a surefire success and find out that he’s not all he says he is and know we saved ourselves a lot of payroll, customers and drama. I can’t imagine going back to our old hiring practices. Thank you so much!”

— D.L. / Boulder, CO

“Your test helps weed out people we don’t want in our company. It’s not foolproof, but it’s much better than it was when we didn’t test at all.”

— J.M. / Monticello, MN

“I used to think it was too expensive to test new staff. Now I think it’s too expensive not to.”

— R.P. / Long Island, NY

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