Hiring Consultations

When you use our employee testing service, we provide you with unlimited, complimentary phone consultations.

If it takes ten minutes to go over a set of test results, we'll deliver that at no charge. If it requires an hour to discuss the test results with you, we'll happily deliver that as well. Again, at no charge.

What usually happens is this: your consultant will go over the test results with you for the first few applicants. You'll ask some very good questions...questions we've answered many times for others. We'll make sure you fully understand the test results. You will hit a point where you can simply look at the test results, know what they mean and be confident that you're making a much more informed hiring decision.

We're going to be available for unlimited phone consultations for as long as you are a client of ours. But it's refreshing to know that it is not a steep learning curve. Besides being incredibly accurate, our tests are quite simple to understand.

If you haven't gotten started with us, watch the three minute below. 

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