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Here are the topics covered in the Hiring Tips Newsletter:

Employee Motivation

You want self-starters, not clock-watchers. Learn how to quickly determine how motivated your applicant is.

Employee Skills

It’s one thing for the applicant (and her résumé) to tell you how skilled she is. We'll help you get a really clear picture for yourself.

Placing Hiring Ads

Some ads attract the wrong people. Place ads that bring in better prospects and save you considerable time and energy.

Employee Pay

What is the "right" amount to pay a new employee? One of our favorite tips discusses the employee who is being paid too much…and knows he is. Learn how to ask "pay related" questions with applicants and be prepared for some eye-opening insights.

The Hiring Interview

We know the interview is crucial so we have more than 80 tips to make your interviews much more effective. Be more confident what to ask, what to watch for and how to gauge the person in front of you.

Hiring Questions to Ask

Use these laser-like questions to get unrehearsed answers.

Employee Testing

What are the pros and cons to pre employment testing? How much weight should you give to test results?

Employee Evaluation

After all is said and done, do you hire the person or not? Increase your certainty when it's decision-making time.

Frequent Hiring Mistakes

Ouch! How many times have we hired someone we “liked” but then had to let them go a month later? Or they quit without an explanatin. That's lost time and money. Learn how to greatly reduce the number of bad hires.

Hiring and the Law

There’s nothing more irritating than a lawsuit or a government fine especially when we could've easily prevented it.

We have over 20 Hiring and the Law tips (written by an attorney) to help you steer clear of legal issues.

There really are no strings attached here. If all you ever do with us is use our Hiring Tips to make better hiring decisions, we're very happy to help out. If you choose to check out our employee testing service, that's a bonus for us.

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