Hire A Mom!

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That’s a nice starting point to a hiring tip: hire a mom!

What do we know about moms that would make them a good choice in the workplace?

Let’s take a look:

1) Patience.

From pregnancy all the way through to the teen years, a strong mom demonstrates patience in more ways than we’ll ever be able to count.

2) A sense of humor.

Kids say and do the funniest things. The best moms can laugh at and with their kids and can use humor to help make the passage of time easier on everyone.

3) Empathy.

Not every mom’s kids are super smart or super good-looking. The mom with a heart validates her children for all of the things that they do well. They may not put the square blocks in the square holes as fast as the next kid, but when they look up at their mom with a big smile, the mom is there with a big smile right back at them.

4) Strength

I haven’t been pregnant and gone through child birth (other than my own of course), but I do get a sense that a mother gains strength from these uniquely motherly experiences.

Who can count the thousands of hours a mom has carried her baby, toddler and child?

Aside from physical strength, the great mom must be mentally strong to deal with all nighters, teething and the broken heart of the teen whose boyfriend dumped her.

5) Creativity

From running out of diapers when the stores are closed to the science project she just found out about the night before it’s due, every good mom routinely comes up with creative solutions.

6) Love

Talk about an unlimited supply of something. A mom shows her love in many different ways, but it’s always, always there.

Other traits that we see in our moms include:

Discipline—using the right amount at the right time.

Prediction—the ability to predict what will happen and when.

Generosity—lavish amounts flow easily from most moms.

Stable, responsive, flexible, thoughtful, the list goes on and on.

Do these traits translate to a great hire for your business?

Only you can answer that.

But I’m impressed!

As the law varies in each area, please check with an attorney to ensure you are applying these tips within the law.

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