Your Existing Staff Can Help

[audio:|titles=Describing What You Need and Want]If you have key staff whose opinion you value, here’s how they can help you make hiring decisions.

Put together a list of questions that ask about the functions of the post you need filled. Previous Hiring Tips gave several examples of these questions.

Type these questions out leaving ample room for the answers. Then ask each applicant to write down their answers to these questions.

After they’ve done so, assign a number to each form. You’re doing this so that your key staff will consider the answers without knowing the specific person

Then take the forms and discuss the answers with your key staff. The meeting could go like this:

“Okay, guys, here’s what we got from Applicant Number 4. In answer to the question, how would you handle a customer that wants to wait until the product goes on sale, Applicant 4 said he would tell the customer the product will not be on sale in the foreseeable future. Feedback?”

Is it crucial to get your staff involved in this way? Not necessarily, but your staff are on the ground floor and may have some keen insights into the answers given by the applicants. You may think Applicant 4 gave a great answer but one of your staff may provide another perspective that is helpful with the hiring decision.

Getting your staff involved in this way also increases their care and concern for the overall success of the business, which is always a good thing.

As the law varies in each area, please check with an attorney to ensure you are applying these tips within the law.

Our three minute video will help you hire the right people.

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