3 Reasons To Use Phone Interviews

[audio:http://traffic.libsyn.com/hiringtips/3_Reasons_To_Use_Phone_Interviews.mp3|titles=3 Reasons To Use Phone Interviews]I imagine some companies use the phone interview extensively and some some companies not at all.

Here are three reasons you should use this hiring tool:

1) Time

In its simplicity, a phone interview is done before you sit down with the candidate. This interview is done to filter through your applicants. The ones you like can then come in for a sit-down with you or one of your staff.

An in-person interview can take a half hour or longer. Sometimes much longer. A phone interview can be accomplished in half the time. You could efficiently get through a phone interview in 10-15 minutes.

In person, you’re more compelled to exchange the social pleasantries before getting into it.

On the phone, it’s much easier to get right down to business.

Ending off a phone interview is also easier than ending off an in-person interview.

All in all, a big savings of time. Your time is valuable, your staff’s time is valuable.

2) Money

Well, we just said it: YOUR time is valuable. Your staff’s time is valuable. Every hour saved (from the hiring process) is an hour that can be applied to other productive actions.

If your time is worth X dollars per hour, and a simple formula can show you this is the case, then every hour freed up for other production is an hour that can bring in more income.

3) Flexibility

The third reason you should be conducting phone interviews is flexibility. You can do them in the evening, over the weekend, perhaps even before business hours.

You don’t need to be fully presentable, because, well, you’re on the phone. I’m pretty sure at least one phone interview of this kind has been done with someone in pajamas. Perhaps another one was accomplished while eating an entire meal.

Kidding aside, phone interviews allow for considerable flexibility in terms of when, how and where they are done. The key is to get the information you need so you can decide what the next step is for each applicant.

Finally, let’s discuss a nagging concern some of you may have about using phone interviews:

“What if I eliminate someone after a phone interview when I would’ve loved them if I had interviewed them in person?”

Well, here’s my honest response to that:

If you are uncertain of your ability to make a “filtering” decision by way of the phone interview, then don’t use it as a hiring tool. I am not being critical here. I believe you should be comfortable with each of the tools in the hiring process.

Good luck!

As the law varies in each area, please check with an attorney to ensure you are applying these tips within the law.

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