What Was a Typical Work Day Like?

Now that’s an interesting question to ask a prospective employee. Let’s give it a try:

“George, what was a typical work day like?”

George might ask for clarification and you could say,

“Well, I’d like to get an idea what you did in your previous job but from a different perspective than what is on your résumé.

“For example, when you showed up at work, did you check in with your supervisor to see what needed to be done, or did you get right to it because you knew what needed to be done?”

George answers and you explore a bit more:

“That sounds good. Tell me about the interaction you had with the people around you, the other employees.”

Again George provides some data for you.

If George dealt with customers, you could ask,

“What was the interaction with customers like? Did you look forward to that?”

“And how about your supervisor or supervisors? What kind of back and forth did you have with them?”

You could ask about overtime. Was he required to stay over often? Did he always get paid for overtime?

There are other questions you could ask that delve into how George made his way through a work day. Whatever you find out should certainly provide insights for you.

As the law varies in each area, please check with an attorney to ensure you are applying these tips within the law.

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