What Is LinkedIn and How Can You Use It?

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Let’s talk about one of the top web sites helping companies improve their hiring results.


Here’s my personal LinkedIn page.

You can accomplish a number of things at LinkedIn, but a major feature is the ability for employers to list jobs and search for potential candidates.

You can also use LinkedIn to see what’s up with your competition.

As of this writing, the reported number of LinkedIn members is 150,000,000.

There is also the employee side to LinkedIn. Many people looking for a job are members there. A good number of people currently employed will also have an account to keep their options open for new job possibilities.

If you are brand new to LinkedIn, here’s a short video to give you an idea:

LinkedIn also has a YouTube channel with a ton of videos. A good number of them are for people familiar with their service, but if you are new to LinkedIn you should be able to find helpful info there.

You could also ask applicants interested in working for you if they have a LinkedIn account. If so, and you are a member there, reading over their profile page may give you some good insights.

Some people liken LinkedIn to Facebook. Yes, they are both “social networking sites” but LinkedIn is not where family and friends share photos and updates about their day-to-day life. In the main, people use LinkedIn to establish professional relationships, promote their companies and offer and find employment.

I would recommend you at least get on there and see how it can help you hire better staff!

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