What Happened When Things Went Poorly?

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We all like to talk about the times when we performed well. But how did your prospect handle things when they weren’t going well?

Let’s find out.

“Sarah, at your previous position, tell me about a time when you felt very challenged.”

Sarah may ask you to clarify this and you could say,

“Well, let’s say you had an important deadline to get a project completed and you went well past the deadline.

“Or the boss needed something done a certain way and when you weren’t able to perform, perhaps the boss stayed mad at you for awhile.

“Or one of your co-workers started criticizing you directly or perhaps even behind your back.

“When something like that happened, how did you handle it?”

If Sarah can’t come up with anything, ask her if there was ever a time she was unhappy at a previous job. Ask her to tell you about it and how she dealt with it.

It’s not exciting to go back and look at the difficulties we had, but when you ask your prospect to do so we are mainly interested in how she handled them. Did she just keep things to herself? Did she cause a scene? Did she skip the chain of command and try to get the boss to fix things?

Challenging circumstances can be very upsetting for some but others may see an opportunity for a very positive outcome. Let’s find out how your prospects fared when the going got tough.

As the law varies in each area, please check with an attorney to ensure you are applying these tips within the law.

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