Have You Tried Asking Your Staff for a Referral?

employee referral

You need a position filled. It’s a fairly important one. You’ve tried your usual methods of finding a candidate, but you haven’t been successful.

Have you tried asking your staff to help out? If your company is of a certain size where you have regular staff meetings, you could bring it up at the next staff meeting.

Or you could send a memo to your staff indicating what the position is and that you need a bit of help getting it filled.

One benefit of getting an “internal referral” from your staff is they (some of them at least) will have a good idea of what the position is, what’s required and what the challenges and rewards are for the position.

Moving forward, let’s say you get a referral from Alice and Alice speaks very highly of the candidate. This person may very well be a gem, but you still will want to do all of your due diligence steps.

Are there any downsides to this kind of recruiting? Well, if you do not hire Alice’s referral, she may feel slighted. In your due diligence, you may find something that Alice wasn’t aware of and of course, you’ll likely want to keep that confidential.

It wouldn’t hurt to include a statement in the request for a referral that goes like this:

“If you have someone you can refer, we’d love to interview them and see if they are the right person for the position. Please do not take it personally if we do not end up hiring your referral.” You can word that differently of course.

This hiring tip is pretty straightforward. You may have a great hire available to you right from within your company. Ask for their help from time to time and don’t be surprised if they come through for you.

As the law varies in each area, please check with an attorney to ensure you are applying these tips within the law.

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