Fear Of Getting It Wrong

Some of us make our way through the hiring process with a fear of getting it wrong. We don’t want to make that bad hire that costs the firm time and money and adversely affects staff morale.

If the person making hiring decisions accumulates too many bad hires, this can bring too much caution and fear to future hiring decisions.

This fear of getting it wrong may be way in the back of the minds of some; it may be front and foremost with others.

Some say it’s healthy to have a certain amount of fear when making decisions. Some say it’s debilitating. And there’s probably an entire spectrum of viewpoints on this.

I am of the view that the less fear affecting your hiring decisions, the more likely you’ll produce great hires.

Sometimes we need to be bold and hire that person we may not know enough about, but we believe they’re going to be a great addition to the team. We really believe it.

Other times, we need to simply evaluate all of the information available to us and make a sound, analytical decision. And then believe in your decision.

If you find yourself fearful of getting it wrong, I do have a few suggestions:

1) Do more research on your candidate. If you haven’t already, check their publicly available social media sites. Find fellow employees from your candidate’s previous jobs and ask them what it was like working with them.

2) Ask more questions of your candidate. Dig in. Get a copy of my book “How to Hire the Right People” — it’s loaded with ways to learn new and important things about your applicants.

3) Bring other employees in to interview the candidate and solicit their opinions.

In other words, find out more about your applicant. That is likely to give you more certainty on whether to go ahead and say yes, or keep looking.

Don’t let fear seep into your hiring world. Learn more, ask more, find out more.

As the law varies in each area, please check with an attorney to ensure you are applying these tips within the law.

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