An Ethical Workplace Attracts Ethical Staff

[audio:|titles=Attracting Ethical Staff]This next tip may come across as a bit mystical to some, but let’s see what you think.

if your current workplace operates at a high ethics level, you will be more likely to attract new staff who also have a very strong sense of ethics.

Exploring this a bit, have you ever entered a restaurant that was very dirty, the staff were rude and the food was much less than desired? Well, this restaurant often attracts a certain type of customer.

On the flip side, have you been to a very classy place where the food and service were extremely upscale and every attention to detail had been observed? Who frequents a place like this?

Yes, I realize those two examples are somewhat simplistic, but they do serve a point here. The quality of life in a given location will attract a similar quality of life to it.

Therefore, if your current staff are hard-working, caring and ethical, it will be easier to bring more of the same on board.

What if your current staff are not in possession of those fine qualities?

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There’s another point worth making: If someone comes on board with a lower sense of ethics than your current scene, your existing staff may be able to improve that person’s approach. A group with high ethical standards has the potential to bring up another person’s standards. Of course, no guarantees here.

And if the new recruit walks into a workplace engaged in activities the new recruit would consider unethical, this new person might leave or worse, may even reduce their ethics standards to fit in. In this case, the group’s standards were capable of lowering another person’s approach.

All in all, the quality of your current workplace will often attract similar new staff to it.

As the law varies in each area, please check with an attorney to ensure you are applying these tips within the law.

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