What If Their College Credentials Are "Impeccable"?

Well, I guess we should first decide what “impeccable” is. The definition provided by the Longman dictionary says: “without any faults and impossible to criticize.”

If your applicant has a top-rate college education, what does that really mean to you?

Let’s say they even have a Master’s Degree or they studied hard and long enough to get a PhD.

If a person’s college education is of paramount importance to you, then a degree from Harvard or Yale will most likely mean more to you than a degree from a smaller, not-so-well-known college.

But the purpose of this tip is to analyze how important is the amount and quality of that education.

If the person is just coming out of college, do they have any experience at all in the job you need filled? Perhaps they did a long apprenticeship before graduating. Or will you be the one doing the apprenticing?

If they did do an internship of some kind, can you contact the supervisor to find out how they performed?

If they’re going to be applying their craft essentially for the first time with you, then you should definitely consider a trial period.

I believe the real test of an employee’s value is how productive they are and how well they work with others. A college education, even the best ones in the land, are actually no guarantee of how productive a person will be. And a great education will not assure you that the person will get along with your existing staff. Only daily participation in your work environment will tell you that. 

Most folks know that a great college education isn’t by itself an overpowering reason to hire someone. But sometimes we get a bit swept away by this part of an applicant’s resume. A great education can certainly be a plus, but don’t let it cloud your judgment. Focus on hiring people that are going to positive contributors in your workplace.

As the law varies in each area, please check with an attorney to ensure you are applying these tips within the law.

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