Position Requirements

What EXACTLY Does the Position Require?

When we’re hiring for a specific position, whether it be an Office Manager, Collections Manager, Salesperson or Receptionist, we have a very good idea of what we’re looking for.

This tip is to take that “very good idea of what you’re looking for” and write down EXACTLY what you need.

For example, what exactly do you want a sales person to be and to be able to do. Again, I’m sure you have a very good idea of these things, but let’s list out some exact qualities.

You probably want your salespeople to be:

Self starters
Very positive
Attentive to detail
Superb listeners
Passionate and compassionate
Excellent time managers
Able and willing to “pry”

So, that’s a pretty good list, right. And of course feel free to edit that list. Delete or add qualities as you see fit.

Now what do you do with this list of qualities you’ve put together for a given position?

You could look through the applicant’s résumé and see if any of these qualities are present.

When you speak to former employers, you could mention a few of the above qualities and ask to what degree were these present in his or her work.

And you could discuss each of these qualites directly with the applicant.

“Frank, I’m going to read off a few qualities that we consider vital for the position and I’d like you to tell me what each quality means to you, how you’ve applied them in the past and how you see yourself applying them here.”

And off you go. That should get you some good insights, right?

Build a very specific list of qualities for each of your key positions and keep them in a folder. When it’s time to hire for any of the positions, bring out the list and do your due diligence and do your best to hire someone who has most if not all of the qualities you want.

As I said, we all have a very good idea of what we’re looking for. Get a bit more organized on this point, a bit more exacting, and see if this produces a better quality hire.

I have a suspicion it will.

As the law varies in each area, please check with an attorney to ensure you are applying these tips within the law.

Our three minute video will help you hire the right people.

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