Using Google, Yahoo and Bing

[audio:|titles=Using Google, Yahoo and Bing]Another way to find out more about your prospective employee is to perform a Google search.

There are two other search engines you could also use: Yahoo and Bing.

Here are a few tips to make sure this search accomplishes what you want:

  1. Put the person’s name in quotes inside of the search box. For example: “Michael Smith” If you do not use the quotes you’ll get results that include Michael and Smith in the pages that come back. Pages that include Michael Jones and Alice Smith are considered valid results pages if the quotation marks are not used.
  2. “Michael Smith” is a very common name and there are billions of web pages out there, so you want to narrow your search even more. In the search box, put the person’s name (in quotes) then type in the name of their town. For example:”Michael Smith”,”Springfield, CO” — notice the comma between the two.
  3. Another tip is to put in their name (in quotes again) and then type in the names of previous companies where they worked. If the company has more than one word in its name, type that in quotes as well:”Michael Smith”,”Acme Industries”
  4. Try where they went to college. If you know of any groups or clubs they mentioned on their résumé, give those a try.

These steps should help you narrow the search so that the information you’re getting back IS about the person you’re considering.

Your interest of course is to learn more about your candidate before you hire him.

One important note: Do NOT believe everything you see online. If you find something of concern, ask the person about it. Your search may have located a totally different person or there may be a perfectly legitimate explanation to what you found. Always give the benefit of the doubt here, as the online world can be quite wild and facts too often take a back seat to entertainment.

As the law varies in each area, please check with an attorney to ensure you are applying these tips within the law.

Our three minute video will help you hire the right people.

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