The Really Bright Guy Who Ruins Your Company

Well, it happens.

The candidate has all the skills. He’s top of his class. He aces all of the competency tests.

He can run circles around your best technician, your best salesperson, your most skilled programmer.

He’s just downright brilliant.

Except for one thing.

He’s a complete jerk.

You’ve managed to find out from several of his previous employers that he was rough on management and even rougher on his fellow employees. They wouldn’t come out and quite tell you this, but you sensed they really didn’t like the guy.

Now, I realize that may be a stretch, because many employers won’t necessarily give those kinds of reports on previous employees. But some will.

And maybe you checked around a bit, spoke to employees who worked with him and found out he was indeed the brightest star in the galaxy, but he was hell to be around.

And you’re thinking, “Hmm, maybe it’ll be different here.”

Or: “I’m a strong leader, I can manage this guy. His skills are so off the charts, we need him!”

Look, I’m not going to discount anybody’s ability to manage. I’ve seen really bad apples in the sports world go from Team A to Team B and the coach at Team B AND the other players on Team B were able to bring this bad apple around.

It happens.

But what happens more often is the bad apple, no matter how competent, goes from Team A to Team B to Team C and infects each and every one of those teams.

So, as always, it’s up to you. But if you’ve got a loaded gun to my head and you want my most honest advice here, hiring someone who refuses to get along with others is a huge risk. No matter how capable he is.

He may bring all kinds of great skills to your company while shredding the willingness of those around him. You may not be happy with the net effect.

As the law varies in each area, please check with an attorney to ensure you are applying these tips within the law.

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