Should You Hire a Friend of Yours?

[audio:|titles=Should You Hire a Friend of Yours]The answer is of course: Yes!

And the answer is of course: No!

If a major reason for hiring a friend or family member is their relationship with you, then this could cause problems for you up the line.

What if you find out this person doesn’t have the skills to do the job? What if you knew going in, they didn’t really have the proper skills for the job?

What if you discover this person doesn’t get along with your staff or worse, mistreats them because they “know” the boss?

What if you need to fire this person? Will this cause a rift between the two of you?

What if you need to fire this person and you don’t fire them because of your relationship? How will that affect other staff, who, by the way, are not dummies and can tell when someone is getting special treatment.

If you use the same hiring criteria with every new prospect and hire them based on their skills, experience and attitude, then you’ll get off on the right footing.

I realize there could be times when you “have to” hire a friend or family member, perhaps because of pressure from a family member or some personal need on your part to do so. If this does occur, and you know the person is NOT as qualified as someone else who competed for the job, then a little talk such as the following might help:

“Jason, you’re my wife’s brother and she is insistent I hire you and give you a shot. I love my wife and I think you’re a good guy. But I want to tell you upfront that you are not as qualified as others who have applied for this job, so I will hire you as long as you understand two things: 1) I will not be treating you any different than any other employee and 2) if things don’t work out, I will fire you just as I would any other employee. Please let me know you understand these points.”

Having that kind of conversation can be helpful if things don’t work out.

Oh, and I’d also tell the wife that you had the very same conversation.

As the law varies in each area, please check with an attorney to ensure you are applying these tips within the law.

Our three minute video will help you hire the right people.

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