Practice, Practice, Practice

This tip applies more to someone who is just getting started doing interviews. But it could also be helpful to the seasoned interviewer.

The best musicians practice.

The best professional athletes practice.

Smart businessmen and women practice a presentation before they deliver it.

When it comes to musicians and athletes, they’ll likely spend thousands of hours over a lifetime practicing their craft.

The best kind of practice increases confidence and competence.

How would an interviewer practice?

I would sit down with her and have her ask me the first interview question. I would then give a simple and proper answer.

I would then have the interviewer ask the question again.

This time I would avoid answering the question. Perhaps I’d give a partial answer, but it really wouldn’t be a full and proper answer.

Now I want to see how the interviewer responds.

Does she get a bit thrown?

Can she skillfully get the applicant to answer the question?

Does she not even recognize that the question wasn’t properly answered?

I would stay on this question until the interviewer could easily and comfortably get a complete answer. If that means having the interviewer do this ten different times, that’s fine. That’s absolutely fine. The entire purpose of practicing a skill is to gain a comfort and competence applying that skill. Give the interviewer some really tough situations to handle, but don’t go overboard. Keep things realistic within an interview framework.

While doing this, I would make sure that I acknowledged the interviewer when she did something well. The purpose here is not to nit-pick the interviewer into competence. You want the interviewer to acquire an ease in interviewing that can be applied to any applicant. Acknowledging the interviewer when she does something well will help you get there.

Take the time to go through the entire interview process. Practice each question and each part of the interview over and over until the interviewer achieves a comfort and competence with each question which will lead to a comfort and competence with the entire interview.

As the law varies in each area, please check with an attorney to ensure you are applying these tips within the law.

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