Personnel Potential Analysis™ 

This Personnel Potential Analysis is broken down into 10 sections.

Here is a sampling of what you will learn about your applicant’s tendencies for each of the 10 sections:

Section A

  1. Can he make plans and carry them out?
  2. How well does she concentrate?
  3. Can he do things systematically?
  4. Can she follow directions?
  5. How easily can he adapt to changes in the workplace?

Section B

  1. How well will he get along with others at work?
  2. Does she find work worth doing?
  3. Can he recover rapidly from setbacks in the workplace?
  4. Is she capable of achieving goals?

Section C

  1. How composed and relaxed is she?
  2. Is he easily distracted?
  3. How “steady on” is she?

Section D

  1. How reliable is he?
  2. How consistent is she?
  3. How responsible will he be?
  4. Can he reason logically?

Section E

  1. How energetic is he?
  2. Can she take initiative?
  3. How attentive is he?

Section F

  1. How self assured is he?
  2. How proactive is she?
  3. How easily rattled will he be?
  4. How “outward” and emphatic is she?

Section G

  1. Can he admit responsibility for having done something wrong?
  2. Does she base decisions on emotions or facts?
  3. Does he think others are working against him/her?

Section H

  1. Does he think well of most people?
  2. How well does she assess situations and other people?
  3. How tactful is he?

Section I

  1. How friendly and courteous will he be?
  2. How responsive to the needs of others will she be?
  3. How truthful is the applicant?

Section J

  1. How good are the social skills of this person?
  2. Can this person easily express himself?
  3. Can he help to create a friendly and cheerful work environment?

As you can see the test covers a wide range of information that would be very valuable for any employer to know.

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