New Hire Wants to Change Everything!

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Have you ever made a new hire of an exceptional talent who felt he had the right to make wholesale changes? And then did so.

This likely doesn’t happen often, but when it does, it can have quite a disruptive effect. It can cause considerable friction with other employees and with management.

The expression “between a rock and a hard place” comes to mind. You have this very talented person on your team who believes his “talent” can only be properly expressed after various changes are made.

And maybe you’re inclined to go along with all of these changes. Maybe you’re intent on turning things around and you believe this new hire is your ticket to major improvements. If that works for you, then the upsets caused to other employees can be viewed as “collateral damage.”

But I believe there is another approach to consider here. If your new hire is indeed an exceptional talent, then get a few things agreed upon during the hiring process.

Be very direct about this. Ask your new hire (to be) if there are changes in your company’s existing setup that he feels compelled to make.

Decide which changes, if any, you are willing to make as part of the condition of being hired. If you are not willing to make any until your new hire demonstrates measurable production, then make that very clear.

If you are going to make changes as a result of this new hire coming on board, then go over this with the employees who will be affected by these changes. Explain in detail how and why this is to happen. Gain their agreement on this ahead of time as this will greatly reduce future upsets.

All in all, it never hurts to be very clear with a new hire what the expectations are and what allowances they have as a member of your team.

As the law varies in each area, please check with an attorney to ensure you are applying these tips within the law.

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