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Interview, Interview, Interview

|titles=Interview Interview Interview]Then, when you’re done interviewing, interview some more.

Now I realize that I may have rubbed some of you the wrong way.

You may be a small business owner who happens also to be the Human Resource department. The entire Human Resource Deparment.

I understand that.

And you may be wearing a ton of hats, including sales, marketing and some delivery. Or maybe all of the delivery.

And I understand that.

You and I both know the more you interview, the more likely you’ll run into THAT person you’re looking for. And we both know that your time is precious and that you just can’t be sitting in front of one prospect after another while your business isn’t running itself in your absence. If you had an HR person working for you, you’d certainly keep them busy.

Okay, I’ll make a deal with you: Push yourself to interview a bit more each time. Go at it with the full intention that your desired employee IS out there. If you do that, I’ll keep writing more hiring tips.

And here’s something else to chew on. I recommend you do interviews EVEN IF YOU’RE NOT HIRING. Did I just say that? Yes, even if you have no need for someone at a particular time, get some applicants to come in and interview them.

You just may find THE person you’re looking for at a time when you don’t need them. Well, that’s a very interesting problem. Maybe you do a bit of personnel re-arranging to make room for this person. If that’s not possible, then keep good notes on your find. A few months down the road, he or she may still be available when you DO need them.


As the law varies in each area, please check with an attorney to ensure you are applying these tips within the law.

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