How Well Do They Follow Instructions?

One of the three tests we administer is the Aptitude Test. This test measures the ability to follow instructions, both written and verbal.

Of the many we have tested, over half have failed. This failure rate is applicable to all industries and professions and is not specific to any demographic category.

Over half of those sitting down and taking a simple Aptitude test…fail.

I’ve spoken with hundreds of business owners and I do not need to do a special survey to know how important “following instructions” is. It’s vital.

And yet, it is a very weak area for many.

Why is that?

Well, I’ll offer a couple of reasons:

A great deal of time is spent in front of screens: TV screens, phone screens, computer screens, tablet screens. This may improve some skills for some, but for most, screens are a poor substitute for actual engagement with others and one’s environment.

The proliferation of drugs. Of all kinds. Medical and street drugs are easier to get and being taken with greater permissions. Drugs have side effects, one being a dulling effect on our ability to perceive present time. Present time is where instructions are carried out.

If you are not testing for the ability to follow instructions, we strongly urge you do so. Our main test is a personality test. Watch our three minute video on this test and when we call to go over the results, we’ll also go over the Aptitude Test with you.

In the next tip, I’ll give you a simple tool you can use with employees who are weak on following instructions.

As the law varies in each area, please check with an attorney to ensure you are applying these tips within the law.

Watch our three minute video to see how we can help you hire the right people.

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