How Important is Humility?

There are many qualities we look for in a candidate. We want them to be capable and confident. We’d like for them to get along with other people fairly well.

For many positions, attention to detail is a key quality. A decent IQ and an even better Aptitude are also desirable.

At times, I even look for someone who has the ability to be loyal.

The list goes on.

But what about humility? Is that an important quality to consider?

A simple definition of humility is “the quality of not being too proud about yourself.”

On the one hand, I do want someone who works hard to achieve a great result and is proud to have done so.

On the other hand, I want that very same person to be humble enough to know that she doesn’t know something.

We have all met people who “know everything.” There isn’t anything new for them to learn. And they usually make this very clear to the people around them.

This is pride that is making its way into arrogance.

Would you rather work with someone whose arrogance is frequently on display or with someone who has blended some humility into their character?

A strong and confident person with a bit of humility sprinkled in is definitely someone to consider.

As the law varies in each area, please check with an attorney to ensure you are applying these tips within the law.

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