Employee Disagreement

How Did You Handle Disagreements?

This could be broken down into three parts:

How did you handle disagreements with customers?

How did you handle disagreements with other employees?

How did you handle disagreements with your superiors or the boss?

There’s a handful of ways that someone deals with a disagreement.

One could just succumb, or give in, and let the other party have his or her way.

One could push hard to get one’s viewpoint across so that the other person accepts, at times begrudgingly.

One could avoid the whole thing and just move on to another subject.

Handling a disagreement is going to differ depending on whom it is with. We might go the distance with a fellow employee, but buckle fairly quickly if we’re talking to our boss.

Or maybe we feel so strongly about something, that we feel compelled to get the boss to change his or her mind.

A number of possibilities here, so get in there and ask away. Work on getting specific incidents of dealing with disagreement.

Is he or she pushy or simply determined to straighten things out? Is he or she so backed off that they’ll give in at the slightest sign of disagreement? Somewhere in between?

Regardless of what comes up, you’re going to find out some interesting things about your applicant.

As the law varies in each area, please check with an attorney to ensure you are applying these tips within the law.

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