How Did They Handle the Rough Customer?

Another fruitful area for discussion in the hiring interview is the so-called “rough customer.” We’ve all had experience with this person–they’re rude, disrespectful,  annoying. They can really try our patience. Often it does not matter what you say to them. They’re determined to be unpleasant and that’s that.

During the hiring interview, describe this person to your applicant. Then ask the applicant to recall the toughest customer they’ve had to deal with. Find out what they did to handle this situation.

If they have difficulty recalling having dealt with this type of customer, have them visualize this situation and find out what steps they would take. You could even go so far as “role playing” a rude, annoying customer and have your applicant deal with you right there.

I realize we don’t see the rough customer that frequently, but this kind of back and forth in the hiring interview will give you some insight into your applicant.

And our major premise at the Employee Testing Center is: the more you know about someone before you hire them, the better your hiring decision will be.

There you go!

As the law varies in each area, please check with an attorney to ensure you are applying these tips within the law.

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