How Important is Willingness?

[audio:|titles=How Important Is Willingess]Think about your current staff. Do you have someone who displays a very high level of willingness? Someone who will do just about anything you ask and will do so with a smile?

When you consider people in your business (and in your personal life), how do you feel about people who are extremely willing to get things done.

I know how I feel. I love working (and living) with people who are willing.

I’m not talking about people who simply want to get on your good side and are basically “sucking up” to you. I’m talking about folks who are genuinely willing to help out and don’t try to exact a cost from you for doing so.

How important is willingness? Well, let’s say you’re considering a new applicant who isn’t very experienced or perhaps doesn’t have the highest employee test scores. But you can see they are truly willing to learn and be a real asset to you and your business.

Do you take a chance?

Well, obviously each situation has its own unique set of circumstances, but if there is one quality I’d give an enormous amount of weight to, it’d be willingness.

You could hire such a person on a conditional basis and see how they pan out. If the willingness you saw in the interview is the real deal, and this new employee is a growing asset for you, then you made a good choice. If not, then having hired them conditionally prevents any great loss of time or training.

By the way, “willingness” is a two-way street. We’ve got the willingness of your applicants, your current staff, the people in your life and then we’ve got your willingness. We’ll talk about that in the next hiring tip.

As the law varies in each area, please check with an attorney to ensure you are applying these tips within the law.

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