Don’t Get Too Attached

I recall a client who needed to hire a new front desk person. This was a key hire as the front desk person handled all of the incoming calls and walk-ins. This person could make or break my client’s business, so it was a very important hire.

Now, this tip may sound like a commercial for my company’s testing service — and that wouldn’t be the end of the world, would it? — but I am also looking to make a point about the hiring process.

We provide three tests: a disarmingly accurate personality test; an IQ test, measuring problem-solving skills; and an Aptitude test, measuring one’s ability to follow written and verbal instructions.

The first person tested was not a big hit with the client.

The second person, however, was a huge hit. My client calls and can’t contain himself: “I love this guy.”

However, the Aptitude test score was very low.

So I told my client what I tell all of them: “I’m not here to tell who you should or shouldn’t hire. But the very low Aptitude test score does indicate this person will have difficulty following instructions. It’s your decision, but it’s important you know what the test scores reveal.” I said quite a bit more, but that was the gist of it.

I asked what he wanted to do. He got real quiet and finally said, “I don’t know. I’ll get back to ya.”

A few days goes by and another set of test scores come in.

My client calls and his first words are: “I love this guy!” I look over the test scores and they’re in good shape. We discuss the scores for a bit and he’s going to hire this person and is very happy to do so.

I asked my client if he had not been using our tests, would he have hired the person before this. Without hesitation, he said, “Yes!”

But he added this:

“Actually, Stan, it’s more than that. The guy from a couple of days ago, well, I ran into his previous employer and all he would talk about was the guy’s difficulties with following instructions!”

So, he was quite attached to the second person he interviewed and tested, but ended up hiring someone else because a key bit of information became available to him.

The point of this tip is simply this: you may find yourself in love with a particular applicant. And of course that person may very well be THE correct hire for you. But it can’t hurt to do a bit more interviewing, a bit more searching for that right person.

Yes, it’s more time expended, but you a) may find you’ve now located an even better hire and b) you may find someone (or several someones) you can note as possible future hires. You do have a notebook or a place to record those people, right?

Anyway, there you have it. You can head to Vegas and get that immediate wedding without any kind of wait period, or you can hang in there a bit and make sure you’ve got the right person.

As the law varies in each area, please check with an attorney to ensure you are applying these tips within the law.

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