Do They Have a Sense of Humor?

[audio:|titles=Do They Have a Sense of Humor]And does it even matter?

Personally, I like to work with people who are light-hearted and can easily see the humor in things. Life in the workplace can sometimes be tough. A sense of humor can make these times more livable.

Running a company is serious business, but one doesn’t have to be super serious to be successful. In fact, I believe the more cheerful and light-hearted one is, the more they get accomplished.

Look around at some of the top producers in your field. Look at the top producers in virtually every field of life. When you see them being interviewed, do you notice that most of them have a very strong sense of humor?

I do.

There are some very productive people out there. Many of them can easily get others to laugh. Is there a correlation between this ability and their level of productivity?

I believe so.

Is a sense of humor a deal-breaker when it comes to making a hiring decision? Well, let me put it this way: If I have two candidates with very similar résumés and test scores and one candidate has a sense of humor and the other doesn’t—well, I’m hiring the one who is capable of injecting humor into the workplace.

I’m not talking about hiring a comedian or a clown who will avoid work and distract your staff with silly jokes. We’ve seen this person “at work” and he reduces the overall production level.

I think you know the difference between the clown and the person who employs humor that makes it easier to get things done.

This hiring tip, as you can see, is a very subjective one. In my opinion, a sense of humor is a valuable asset to have in the workplace.

As the law varies in each area, please check with an attorney to ensure you are applying these tips within the law.

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