Do They Criticize Too Often and Too Easily?

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Let’s look at two different meanings for this word criticize:

1) To express judgments about the good and bad qualities of something

2) To express your disapproval of someone or something, or to talk about their faults

The first definition brings to mind the art or movie critic. Most of us remember Roger Ebert who had a long career as a film critic. When he expressed judgments about the good or bad qualities of a movie. it could send a ton of folks to go see it or just the opposite.

The second definition of criticize is the one I’m referring to in this Hiring Tip:

…to express your disapproval of someone or something, or to talk about their faults

Some people spend a good deal of time criticizing those around them. This person will often tell us “it’s for their own good” or “it’s constructive criticism.” They want you to believe they are doing you a favor by pointing out the faults of others.

In a number of instances, it would be good to find out if someone is doing something that needs to be corrected.

Here, however, I’m talking about the person who just criticizes too much. And the criticism is often over the top or unwarranted.

In my opinion, this person is more destructive than helpful to your workplace.

How do we discover this kind of person before we bring them on board?

Well, our employee testing service will help you spot this individual. One of the ten personality traits that we cover will let you know just how critical (or overly critical) your candidates are.

We might also get a clue or two in the hiring interview. Ask your candidate to name a couple of people—not family members—that they do not like. Now find out why they do not like these people.

The idea here is to see how easy it is for your candidate to criticize. Do they do it slowly and begrudgingly or is it very easy for them to tell you the faults of others.

I strongly recommend you use our testing service for this particular trait as this kind of person can cause considerable damage in your workplace. Either way, knowing more about this trait will help you elevate the productivity and overall tone of your scene.

As the law varies in each area, please check with an attorney to ensure you are applying these tips within the law.

Our three minute video will help you hire the right people.

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