Disagreements With Management?

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All of us at one time or another have had disagreements with our boss.

Well, I’ll say most of us…just in case someone is out there who has never experienced a disagreeable moment with their boss.

For the purpose of this tip, a boss could be the owner of the company or it could be one’s immediate supervisor. In large companies, one could have quite a number of bosses or people senior to them.

So what happens when we are asked to do something we feel we shouldn’t have to do?

Let’s ask our candidate how she handled these situations.

“Mary, tell me about a time one of your bosses or supervisors asked you to do something you felt you shouldn’t have to do?”

If Mary asks you to amplify on the question, you could say:

“Perhaps you were asked to stay over normal hours to complete a project and you had already made important personal commitments for that time.

“Or you were asked to tell a customer something that wasn’t quite true, or perhaps even blatantly untrue.

“Or you felt your boss was giving you too much work to do and requiring it be done in an unreasonable amount of time.”

Mary thinks it over and then relates an instance along those lines.

You could at this point ask Mary for two more such instances.

A key to understanding Mary as a potential employee is to now find out what she did to resolve those disagreements.

Was she so worried about job security that she decided to just carry on and not even bring it up to her supervisor?

Or did she confront the supervisor head on and it resulted in a major upset?

Whatever her answers are on this, you will likely gain a nice insight into her future performance.

As the law varies in each area, please check with an attorney to ensure you are applying these tips within the law.

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