Customer Loyalty or Company Loyalty?

This is an interesting area to look into.

Let’s set the stage:

“Alice, you’re selling perfume (shoes, business cards, etc.) for us and we have a very straightforward refund policy: no refunds given after 15 days.

“You’ve got a pretty upset customer in front of you who has come in 25 days after the purchase wanting her money back.

“What do you do in this situation, Alice? Do you refund the customer her money or do you ensure company policy is followed?

Alice tells you she either holds the line on the company policy or goes ahead and gives the customer a refund.

If she gives the refund and violated company policy, what do we know about Alice? Do we like the fact that she thought on her feet and didn’t let a “rule” get in the way of unselfish service to the public? Or are we disappointed that she gave in to the customer’s demands and cost the company money that should not have been returned?

The flip side is Alice held the line and the customer is not given a refund. Are we proud of Alice for following company policy to the letter or do we wish she had more foresight about possible consequences. Not only do we likely lose future business from this customer, but using Yelp or other review sites, this upset customer could influence others not to step foot in the store.

What’s right and what’s wrong here is up to you. But it’s a nice insight into your applicant to know how they would handle this kind of thing.

As the law varies in each area, please check with an attorney to ensure you are applying these tips within the law.

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