A Great Place to Find New Recruits

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In an earlier tip, we discussed the merits of hiring a veteran. I am very keen on vets as a source for new staff.

In this tip, I’d like to discuss another “group” that could be valuable to you.


What do we know about athletes?

If someone played at the college level, we know that they were part of a very disciplined group. They were required to respond quickly to changes in their environment. They knew the value of teamwork.

Athletes are willing to work hard to stay in shape, so we know they have a drive to succeed.

Unless an athlete was part of a completely dominating team that ran over all of their opponents, they learned to deal with failure. Failure probably taught them to work harder the next time, to count more on one’s teammates, and to use one’s intellect to find out what changes needed to be made to make success more likely.

I imagine the above qualities are those you’d like to see in your employees, yes?

I read that approximately 400,000 college student-athletes graduate each year. See if you can round up one or two to help your company succeed!

As the law varies in each area, please check with an attorney to ensure you are applying these tips within the law.

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